Ready for Your Building

Many years ago, Army personnel built infrastructure necessary to support the Fort Harrison base's growth. Concrete streets were constructed with no curbing or sidewalks and steam heating vaults supported the base's need for heat. Over the years, and especially when the Army left in 1995, this infrastructure began to crumble and became insufficient for the community's growth goals.

Flash to Today 

In the Fall 2010, the Fort Harrison Reuse Authority finished a $10 million infrastructure construction project at Lawrence Village at the Fort which included utility installation, new arterial streets, sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, bike paths, three parks, signage, rain gardens, raised median planters, and entrance columns. This infrastructure sets the stage for the development of the Village that will help increase property values for Lawrence residents and new business opportunities for its business owners. Without it, the FHRA had very little to sell as developers refused to master develop the property because of the extreme cost associated to do so.

Over 400 trees were planted in tree wells, some of which are outfitted with electrical outlets for public use. A total of 48 rain gardens were installed, providing additional support to the master drainage plan which also includes a bio swale built into a park along Post Road (called Ravine Park) and a 3 acre pond on the east side of the Village. As a result, developers interested in doing a project at the Fort won't have to build drainage into their plans. We've got them covered.

The FHRA also added approximately 397 parallel parking spaces to the Village providing some parking relief to area businesses and to Ivy Tech Community College. At the pond, the FHRA is 97% complete on the construction of a deck structure overlooking the water. Landscaping will be completed in the spring.

People who remember what the base looked like are amazed at the results.