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Site Location & Physical Characteristics

Fort Benjamin Harrison is located in Lawrence, Indiana approximately 12 miles or 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. It contains 2,501 acres, of which approximately 1,069 acres is covered by woodlands. Lawrence, Indiana is the 18th largest city in the State of Indiana with a population of 46,000. Lawrence is within Marion County and is located in the more heavily wooded part of northeast Indianapolis near Geist Reservoir.  Lawrence Village at the Fort is less than 5 minutes from I465 and SR 67 in either direction.

Fort Benjamin Harrison was the site of an army base established in 1903. Over the years, the City of Lawrence grew around the Fort; yet, no downtown existed for the City. Until 2000 following the base closure in 1995, all roads seemingly stopped at the Fort until a bridge on 56th Street opened the Fort up to heavy concentrations of residential and retail offerings. The Fort is the site of historic brick buildings and mature trees, characteristics that are preserved through a Master Reuse Implementation Strategic Plan.

According to the 2010 census results for the City of Lawrence, the population has grown 18% to 46,001, making Lawrence the 18th largest city in the state. The City saw 96 new homes built in 2010 and crime rates continue to stay low. The mayor’s office lists the following as the City’s economic strengths:

  • Great infrastructure on 56th Street, Pendleton Pike and easy access to I 465, I 70, and I 69.*
  • Fort Harrison State Park*
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Services*
  • Lawrence Parks, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, skate park, sledding hill*
  • Ivy Tech Community College*
  • Major retailers Walmart & Kohl’s
  • Image of Fort Benjamin Harrison*
  • Army presence, PX, Commissary, Readiness Center, Reserve Complex, Recruiting Commands*
  • YMCA, LA Fitness, Sports of All Sorts*
  • Monarch Beverage headquarters
  • City has 30% green space*
  • 70% of neighborhoods have sidewalks*
  • Geist Neighborhoods & Reservoir
  • High traffic counts, particularly commuters to Fishers/Geist
  • Festivals and events*
  • Community Heath Network presence in City and nearby*
  • Boy Scout headquarters and Camp Belzer
  • Social Security office*
  • “Can Do” image*

*Related to the Fort

Basic Infrastructure

Lawrence Village at the Fort is a master-planned mixed use community that will include residential, commercial and retail offerings. All utilities – water, storm, sanitary, electric, gas, cable and fiber – have been installed and are ready for vertical development. The site includes three parks, extensive landscaping, electrical outlets surrounding common areas that are available for public use, “show sound” electrical availability in one park, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

Two power sources are located within a mile from the Village that provides electrical capacity up to 6 mH for data centers. AT&T fiber has been installed within the Village.

Public Access & Transportation

Main transportation thoroughfares near the Fort include Pendleton Pike or S.R. 67, a pass-through 9 lane highway that take commuters from I 465 on the north side all the way to Anderson, Indiana. An east/west arterial street is 56th Street which takes commuters from I 465 on the north side and connects them to Pendleton Pike. The north/south arterial street is Post Road which connects the Fort all the way past I 70 to I 74 on the far south east.

Fort Benjamin Harrison has long been considered a destination location with its unique history, wooded environment & parks, and specific business attractions. Over 28,000 cars per day drive past Fort Benjamin Harrison on 56th Street. Limited bus service is available through Ivy Tech Community College on the northern boundary of Lawrence Village at the Fort and the Finance Center on 56th Street. At this time, the City of Lawrence does not offer bus transportation to other parts of Marion County.